tramping through paradise

a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to go on a tramp in the abel tasman national park! it was the most beautiful place I have ever been (not that I have been to many places) and i loved the fantastic experience. until the day before i went i myself had no idea of where it was in the south island, (bit naughty I know!) so I thought that I would share my newfound knowledge and show you where it is!

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 5.05.33 pm

on the first day we drove from Christchurch to Kaiteriteri and got there in time to put up our tents in the rain- good ol’ NZ summers never let me down. even though it was raining the ground was really hard and so most people couldn’t put their pegs into the ground and only a few forward-thinking people brought hammers… let’s just say they were suddenly VERY popular people. I was tenting with one of my best friends and with my dad’s words ringing in my ears “if you damage the tent you will have to pay to get it fixed” (and my eyes only seeing my money going down the drain) I took on the majority of the putting up of the tent. however when she did help I would give her an easy job and I swear I must of said “push not pull!!!!!!” a thousand times!


here is a picture of a lovely abode! It was really nice and was the perfect size for two. it was always so lovely when it was put up and you had made it up for the night. a tad more depressing when you had to pack it away and load it onto our already heavy packs! with the prospect of having to put it up ALL over again looming over our heads.


that ^ is Kaiteriteri and it was so stunning! the next morning we packed up and went to the beach to catch a water taxi to Awaroa to start the tramp. the water taxi ride was so much fun! here are a few pics-

received_398103157013654received_398103133680323 received_398103000347003

we were lucky enough to see a seal eating an octopus!


and of course a quick pic of me with the seal! #besties


we then had to set out on the tramp. burdened by our heavy bags and so on. i found out that i was really quite naive about the whole thing. when i imagined what we would be doing i had imagined walking on the flat next to the beach the whole time.

apparently not.

it turns out that 1. you walk through the bush not the beach and 2. that it is definitely not flat and instead you find your calves aching from up hill and your whole body aching from down hill, a lot of aching all round really!

but of course the upside to it being up is that you get the most SPECTACULAR views.. here are some-

DSCF2778 received_398102887013681 DSCF2770

the highlight of the trip was of course the beaches! omg i didn’t know that nz had such beautiful beaches and thought that I could only get my hit of golden sand on the Gold Coast, Australia! but these beaches were, dare I say it, even more beautiful than broadbeach and surfers paradise in the gc. i think- although the sand was amazing- the reason that i say that is because they were sheltered from waves and were more like little pockets of paradise.

DSCF2767 DSCF2786 received_394101224076148received_398102507013719

I miss it so so much and can’t wait until I get to go back there! I definitely recommend that everyone who has the opportunity to do it to do it! until next time abel tasman, and thanks for the great time!




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