a little bit about me…

as you can tell from the name of my blog- my name is sarah, this name seems to suit me perfectly, although most names do suit people somehow we just grow into the stereotypes of our name don’t we? apart from a select few that you think.. really? are you sure there wasn’t a mistake on your birth certificate?.. but i think that sarah does suit me and other sarah’s seem to fit the same kind of personality. according to one of my friends i greeted them for the first time by saying “hi i’m sarah, which means princess” , the embarrassing thing is that that was only a few years ago. opps! When i was in my first year of school there was another sarah in my class, it didn’t help that i was sarah p and she was sarah b- not the most distinctive titles. so i became sarah-kate (kate is my middle name) and now whenever i see people or parents from when i was younger seem to call me sarah-kate. it’s a cute wee name and i wouldn’t mind if it was officially hyphened!

me 10054904(1)

here’s a picture of wee sarah-kate – all i wanted for christmas that year were my two front teeth!

i was born in australia and lived there until i was three. i don’t really remember it too well, but one memory that i am certain is that my best friend at preschool was a boy named oil and one day i found him under the slide with another girl! i know dramatic! since then i have never had a boyfriend, i must be emotionally scarred for life. not really but as i look back over the years i had some really horrendous crushes and i only feel pure embarrassment about them. anyway back to the subject.. i don’t have an accent- although lots of my friends say that i say here and hair weirdly so at least i have a small reason to be thought of as exotic. i moved to new zealand when i was three- which was my mum, dad, sister and brother’s home country and now my home country- go the all blacks!


look how pretty new zealand is ^

i love to dance around and listen to music. i am obsessed with instagram. i am a clean eater and have lost 10kgs (more about that later) and i am a wannabe blogger! i think that this blog will be full of recipes, lifestyle stories and hopefully i can touch someone out there reading this and be a positive influence somehow! please feel free to comment on what you would like to know or give me any tips- considering this is my debut and i am a true newbie in the world of blogging!

thanks for reading! x

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